load EGA/VGA console screen font

   Usage: setfont [write-options] [-<N>] [newfont..] [-m consolemap] [-u unicodemap]
  write-options (take place before file loading):
    -o  <filename>  Write current font to <filename>
    -O  <filename>  Write current font and unicode map to <filename>
    -om <filename>  Write current consolemap to <filename>
    -ou <filename>  Write current unicodemap to <filename>
If no newfont and no -[o|O|om|ou|m|u] option is given,
a default font is loaded:
    setfont         Load font "default[.gz]"
    setfont -<N>    Load font "default8x<N>[.gz]"
The -<N> option selects a font from a codepage that contains three fonts:
    setfont -{8|14|16} codepage.cp[.gz]   Load 8x<N> font from codepage.cp
Explicitly (with -m or -u) or implicitly (in the fontfile) given mappings
will be loaded and, in the case of consolemaps, activated.
    -h<N>      (no space) Override font height.
    -m <fn>    Load console screen map.
    -u <fn>    Load font unicode map.
    -m none    Suppress loading and activation of a screen map.
    -u none    Suppress loading of a unicode map.
    -v         Be verbose.
    -C <cons>  Indicate console device to be used.
    -V         Print version and exit.
Files are loaded from the current directory or /usr/share/*/.